POLL RESULTS – 2012 Summer Vacation Plans

My summer vacation plans are:

  • I’m visiting the "Happiest Place on Earth" – that hotel with the padded walls and that cool vest that ties in the back. (36% Votes)
  • Firing up the RV and making a beeline to see the second largest ball of twine in the world. (36% Votes)
  • Going to the Catskills and learning to dance from that "rugged kid from the streets" (Hey, nobody puts me in a corner!). (18% Votes)
  • Figuring out just what the heck "The 50 Shades of XXXXX" (yes, THAT book) is all about! (9% Votes)
  • Taking the annual trek to "Porchview." (Screw these $4-something gas prices!) (1% Votes)
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